Severe muscle tension headaches and back and shoulder pain

I was having back and shoulder pain that would trigger severe tension headaches. My tension headaches would last up to 3 days---during that time I was unable to do much except stay in bed. I was worried that one of these headaches might occur during an important meeting or at a time where I needed to be “on my game” at work. A friend at work suggested Dr. Morris and chiropractic would help me. Immediately after beginning treatment, whenever I felt a tension headache begin, I was able to mitigate it, and significantly reduce the durations of the headache. Through regular adjustments with Dr. Morris and exercise, I have been able to greatly reduce the frequency and the intensity of my tension headache.

- Scott H. (Business owner)

Lower back pain and tightness

I was referred to Dr. Morris due to my lower back pain (and tightness) which made it quite difficult to stand long hours---up to eight hours with my job---and exercise properly. I was worry my condition may always be there. I found Dr. Morris and chiropractic by referral from a happy patient. The treatment provided by Dr. Morris really helped, even with the first treatment I felt some improvement really soon, after 2 to 3 hours. I am thankful it has helped the constant back pain.

- Arlene B. (Semi-retired)

Carpal tunnel syndrome

I suffered from constant hand and arm pain on both sides. The pain has made it difficult to write and hold things (phone, books, newspaper, etc.) Since I would regularly drop and breaking things and had a lot of difficulty doing my job, I worried if I would be able to continue working as a nurse. I have had two previous carpal tunnel surgeries with results that lasted only about a year and the medical doctor wanted me to have another surgery. Dr. Morris’ treatment really truly helped---I knew it was working when I felt improvement by the second treatment. In a short period of time, my pain went from a 9 (out of 10) per day down to a 1 (out of 10) per day.

- Rita D. (Nurse)

Hip pain

I was born with hip dysplasia which caused tremendous pain my whole life. I had also developed IT Band syndrome, which made it even worse. As a student, I found that sitting in class was nearly impossible. I couldn’t find a comfortable position. Come night time, I would lie in bed aching, making it hard to fall asleep. The older I get, the worse it gets. At 22, I’ve got a long way to go. I don’t want it to stop me from doing the things I enjoy. I tried physical therapy in the past which seem to help a little with ultrasound therapy and stretching, but it began to hurt quite a bit over time after the physical therapy treatment was over. Once Dr. Morris started his treatment, it took about two weeks to notice improvement and the improvement now is so great and lasts for a long time. I can sit in class without being totally uncomfortable and I don’t ache at the end of the day like I did before. Though I still experience some minor pain on a daily basis, the hip condition has it has improved drastically for I do not have the more severe pain episodes. I’ve slept on my stomach for years, but decided to give sleeping on my back a try after Dr. Morris told me how bad it was to sleep on the stomach. I feel much more rested after sleeping now! Dr. Morris has a great personality and knows what to do to help. He gives a very thorough exam and explains what he finds, then he sets in with an effective plan of action.

- Laura S. (College student)

Low back pain

Chronic lower back pain had slowed me way down and made it hard to move and do what I normally do. I became so worried the condition is permanent and career changing. When the pain was so flare up it was a severe pinched nerve situation, I had gone one time to the E.R. The E.R. doctor gave me pain pills which helped the severe pain, but did nothing for underlying condition. When Dr. Morris started, I noticed improvement within two weeks---my range of motion is almost normal and I feel good most days. I am still not to 100%, but IK am closer than I have been for years. (I am still undergoing treatment when I am writing this.) I chose Dr. Morris and chiropractic because I guess I always knew it could help. Dr. Morris has the magic touch and he’s really good. Dr. Morris seems genuinely concerned with my condition and he always goes above and beyond with treatments.

- Matt B. (Contractor)

Neck, shoulder, and back pain

I have had years of neck, shoulder, and back pain. The pain stopped me from doing everyday things as usual and I am worried more problems could be caused by this. I saw the family doctor who never really offered any treatment for my pain. I found out about Dr. Morris (and about chiropractic care) from a friend. I notice improvement after 3 to 4 treatments and his treatment eased the pain so much and I am feeling better now. Whenever I go to Dr. Morris I always feel so much better each time by the time I leave the office. I especially enjoy the friendly atmosphere here and the caring doctor and staff.

- Barbara B. (Administrative worker)

Migraine headaches and lower back pain

My most prominent issues are migraine headaches and lower back pain. These problems have affected my daily routine. Noticed improvement in 1 to 2 weeks. Chiropractic at the hands of Dr. Morris help relieved my migraines both in severity and number. I was raised with chiropractic care so it’s always been important and used in my family. Dr. Morris has been great beginning from the initial assessment to understand discomfort to applying treatment instrumental in relief of migraines and back pains.

- Jason H. (Computer industry employment recruiter)

Carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists and “tennis elbow” in both elbows

My problems are carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists and tennis elbow in both elbows. Since I am a pet sitter and walk dogs daily, this has had a dramatic effect on my daily routine. The pain of my conditions had been considerable and I had been worried that I might need surgery for carpal tunnel. Once Dr. Morris examined me and explained what was going on, he began treating me and I noticed improvement in about 1 week. The pain in both my elbows is now gone and my carpal tunnel condition is much improved. I feel very good. I think I am learning how my Type-A personality affects all of my muscles and back. I think I am able to remain calmer and not tense up as much. My husband and mother-in-law recommended Dr. Morris to me and I would recommend anyone who is suffering from either of these two conditions to consider seeing him. I have been pleased with the results of seeing the chiropractor and it is far more effective and less expensive than surgery. (With my business, I cannot afford to be recovering from surgery.) Thank you Dr. Morris!

- Cathy F. (Small business owner)

Low back pain

I sought Dr. Morris’s help for lower back pain which would not go away. With Dr. Morris’ treatment, I noticed improvement immediately. Chiropractic treatment by Dr. Morris relieved the pain. Now I just do a regular intermittent chiropractic treatment and I have lower back problems much less often and not at the severe levels of prior to getting treatments. I feel it is important to clarify Chiropractor works and Dr. Morris is very good at this profession.

- Dean C. (Retired)

Back pain and limited neck mobility

I suffered from back pain and lack of mobility in the neck. I couldn’t movie my neck much at all and I was in pain everyday due to back pain. I was afraid that it would get worse as I got older and that it would eventually hinder me from walking. With chiropractic treatment, I started noticing improvement immediately, especially in my neck. Treatment helped me move my neck. I have normal neck movements now and I am no longer in constant pain in my back. Also, Dr. Morris taught me stretches that help me throughout the day when I feel tight.

- Kelly S. (Professional)

Headache and neck, shoulder and back pain and stiffness after automobile accident

Dr. Morris has been so helpful. After I was rear-ended by a hit-and-run driver, I was in a daze and was in severe pain which worsened over the following couple of weeks. Both the emergency room doctor and the family doctor wanted me to take medicine which made me “loopy” and really did not give me any relief. I found Dr. Morris through a co-worker and he got me in within one day. He did a thorough job taking my history, examining me and explaining what he could do to help. He then treated me and with the first treatment I felt some relief. Over several weeks he got me to the point I am now with no pain---and no restriction in movement---as far as I can tell. (He told me today I still have tightness in my muscles, but my life is back to normal.)

- Pam H. (HR Specialist)

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